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The Unique Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Woman stretching her hamstring to chest

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) offers a unique approach to muscle lengthening and fascial release, setting itself apart from other stretching techniques in several key aspects. AIS can be done independently or with a trained stretch practitioner like Performance Care Stretch Clinic. Here are some of the unique benefits of AIS that set it apart from traditional stretching routines:

Duration of Stretches: AIS involves holding each stretch for just two seconds. This contrasts with other methods that recommend holding stretches for 15-60 seconds, which can trigger a protective reflex in muscles, causing them to contract rather than relax and lengthen.

Active Participation: True to its name, AIS requires active engagement. Individuals use their muscle effort to perform each stretch actively, rather than passively holding a position or relying on a partner to push the stretch.

Isolation: AIS targets muscles individually, allowing for specific focus on each muscle. This differs from other stretching forms that may address multiple muscles simultaneously.

Repetition: Instead of holding a stretch for a long duration, AIS uses multiple repetitions (typically 8-10) for each stretch. This approach aims to gradually enhance flexibility and range of motion over time and acting as a true warm-up to activity.

Breathing: AIS emphasizes synchronized breathing during stretching. The individual inhales when the muscle is in a relaxed or shortened state and exhales during the stretch, which aids in relaxation.

Active Isolated Stretching distinguishes itself through short duration stretches, active participation, focus on individual muscles, repetition, and synchronized breathing, resulting in a more focused and effective stretching routine.  

AIS offers numerous benefits, including improved flexibility, reduced pain, and enhanced exercise performance. Whether you choose to perform AIS stretches on your own or seek assistance from a trained AIS practitioner, incorporating this technique into your routine can have a significant positive impact on your overall well-being. While it's possible to perform AIS stretches on your own, it's crucial to have proper knowledge and technique to prevent injury. Working with a trained AIS practitioner can provide professional guidance and ensure safe and effective stretching. Performance Care Stretch Clinic can help create a customized plan that specifically meets your needs.


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