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About Wade:

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Performance with emphasis in Nutrition and Chemistry, North Dakota State University.

  • Emergency Medical Technician (ret).

  • Active Release Techniques Certified (ART)

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Northwestern Health Sciences University.

  • International Sports and Science Association certified.

  • Former NCAA Track & Field and Cross Country athlete NDSU.

  • 3 time Ironman Triathlon finisher

  • 20 years of clinical experience treating overuse injuries/chronic tightness.

Wade is an Active Release Techniques and International Sports and Science Association certified Physician who specializes in stretching techniques. We operate as a Wellness Clinic to improve the health and physical well- being of our clients.  Wade holds two decades of clinical experience in treating overuse injuries and issues with chronic tightness, and he frequently contributes to his space to devise innovative solutions for clients.

Performance Care Stretch Clinic was founded with the goal of bringing innovative, effective stretching techniques and nutritional supplements to athletes and fitness-minded individuals. Wade realized that non-invasive treatment solutions are capable of empowering patients to get back to the sports and activities that they love quickly and with less worry about side effects. He has dedicated his expertise to bringing effective solutions to clients with a number of conditions and injuries.

Performance Care Stretch Clinic has expanded into a successful institution dedicated to providing Active Release Techniques, Active Isolated Stretching, Eccentric Strength Training, ARP Wave Stimulation, and various nutritional solutions for the betterment of patients’ health. Wade is highly regarded by many peers and colleagues for his profound interest in facilitating environments in which athletes can improve their health outcomes and maintain fitness through tailored solutions. He draws from his diverse experiences as a retired Emergency Medical Technician and Ironman Triathlon finisher to bring a person-first approach to his practice. He knows just how damaging chronic conditions and injuries can be for those with active lifestyles, and aims to develop strategies to assist them with their athletic goals.

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