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Eccentric Strength Training

Eccentric training is a proven method of training your body to fully utilize your strength potential

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Performance Care Stretch Clinic

Service Description

Eccentric training is an effective and proven way to enhance your strength, stability, and control around joints such as the feet, knees, hips, and spine, helping to prevent injury and chronic pains. Everybody relies on eccentric muscle contraction for stability, mobility and injury prevention. When you run downhill, for example, your quadriceps must work eccentrically to control the speed of your descent and to absorb the shock of your body coming into contact with the ground. The same can be said for many everyday activities such as driving a car, holding arms over a keyboard or holding your child. Eccentric contractions - lengthening your muscles under tension - are a key component of training your body to handle activities of daily living.

Contact Details

  • 5851 Duluth Street, Golden Valley, MN, USA


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